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AnaEE is a research infrastructure for experimental manipulation of managed and unmanaged terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. It supports scientists in their analysis, assessment and forecasting of the impact of climate and other global changes on the services that ecosystems provide to society.

AnaEE's primary goal is supporting European scientists and policymakers to develop solutions to the challenges of food security and environmental sustainability, with the aim of stimulating the growth of a vibrant bioeconomy. AnaEE is accomplishing this mission by building permanent and substantial links among researchers, science managers, policy makers, public and private sector innovators, and citizens.


In an effort to maximize the impact of Environmental research, AnaEE is encouraging its platforms and their partners to publish their data products as APIs. 

APIs allow a better interoperability, foster reuse and integration with industry products

Our research platforms


Open Air Ecosystem

Open-air ecosystem platforms (also referred to as ‘in natura’): permanent or semi-permanent facilities dedicated to the manipulation and measurement of the main processes in terrestrial and freshwater aquatic ecosystems. They also provide laboratories for basic sample analysis and storage.

Over 120 platforms are already involved.


Analytical Platforms

Analytical platforms are laboratories and workshops providing technically demanding and/or expensive analyses (e.g. high-throughput genomic, mass spectrometry, advanced microscopy) in support of manipulation experiments. They provide research tools and expertise usually unavailable to individual research groups. 

Over 40 platforms are already involved.


Modeling Platforms

Modelling platforms: facilities specialized in developing models to support projects run by AnaEE. They streamline model development by providing the necessary hardware and software, as well as the access to expertise, datasets and modelling libraries.

9 platforms are already involved.


Enclosed Ecosystem Platforms

Enclosed ecosystem platforms (or ‘in vitro’): controlled environments dedicated to the analysis of processes involved in natural ecosystems or sub-systems within a research facility, for greater control over environmental variables (e.g. from preindustrial to future environmental conditions) and facilitated measurements. 

Over 40 platforms are already involved.

API hereby hosted are RESTful i.e. built on top of the http protocol and stateless.

Such APIs can be accessed virtually by any software development tool with no need for third party components other than a networking component. Being stateless, they expose a purely functional behaviour, meaning that the outcome of any request will depend solely by the parameters of the request itself.

All the hosted API expose an OpenAPI 3.0 specification and come with usage examples.

POST /crea-aa-dailymeteo/getRasterData

"startTime": "2016-09-16",
"endTime": "2016-10-16",
"wkt": "POLYGON((11.00 44.53,
10.66 44.42,
10.60 44.66,
11.00 44.53))",
"mode": "csv"

Interested in registering your API?

Allow more users to discover and use your data products! If you own a RESTful API that may be of interest for the Enviromental research community and other practitioners in the field, AnaEE will be glad of supporting your product. All we need to list your API in our directory is an Open Api 3.0 specification and authentication information where needed.

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